Theme Park Studio meets Europa Park

Welcome Coaster Friends

In June 2014 the project "Theme Park Studio meets Europa Park" was born. 3 enthusiasts are currently working together and creating different buildings, dark rides and coasters from the Europa Park in Germany. Most of these 3D models can be downloaded for free, or there is at least a link to the author available.

The only thing you have to do, when you are using our models: publish the name of the model creator and the address of this homepage with your park!

The Europa Park is not involved in the creation of the models. Nevertheless, they allowed us to publish the 3D models for free. We also want to thank Pantera, who made this Early Access Game "Theme Park Studio" already available.

To see all created models, simple click on the button "3D Models" on the left navigation pane.

We wish you now much fun, using our models and a big success when you are building your own Theme Park.

Michael, Simon and Daniel (2014-09-02)