EP-Dome / Confertainment Center / Ballsaal Berlin - V0.900

Themed Area: Germany

The Europa-Park Dome is a location for big events, located nearby the main entrance and was built in 2001.
The Confertainment Center can be used to do smaller conferences or events in the little "Mirror Tent". Additionally this Center contains the 108 year old carussel "Eden Palladium". The Confertainment Center was built in 2013.
The "Ballsaal Berlin" was created in 2008 and is using the whole area between the german alley and the italian area. This location is used to do the press conferences of the Europa Park.

The following topics will be changed in the future:

  • Build the interieur of the Confertainment Center
  • Flags abouve of the dome
  • several textures

Version: V0.900
Date: 2014-12-09
Themed Area: Germany
Model Type: Building
Download: EP-DE-Dome-Center-SN-V0.900.tpsscn
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created by:Simi-N