Theme Park Studio

The Theme Park Simulator

Theme Park Studio is the program in the center. Everything on this page is based on this program. It offers an 3D sandbox, where you can create your own Theme Park.

In this worls you can create roller coasters and import 3D buildings. In the same way you can also create flatrides directly in Theme Park Studio, or you can import this also.

On this webpage we show you our models, we built based on the Europa Park in Germany. All this models can easily be imported into Theme Park Studio and used for your own Theme Park.

The software is currently only available in an "Early Access" Status. This means, that the software is currenty not fully released and it needs still a huge amount ov development. Don´t expect a perfect game, but take part on the crateion of this program and be a small part of it.

Mikesch8764 (2014-09-22)

Developer: Pantera Entertainment
Home Page:
Download Link:
License Type: Early Access - Payware
Software Cost: 27,99 € (22.09.2014)